Answering All Your Questions For Laser Hair Removal Treatment

laser hair removal treatment

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Hair removal lasers have been in use ever since 1997 and have been approved for permanent hair reduction in the USA by the food and drug administration. This means that the treatment is proved to be long-term and is stable in the reduction of hairs irrespective of age and gender.

The main principle behind laser hair removal is matching a specific wavelength of pulse and light to obtain optimal effect on a targeting tissue. This light energy is converted into heat, which damages the tube-shaped sacs within the skin i.e. hair follicles whose function is to produce hairs. Once the damage is successful, it delays or inhibits future hair growth.

Over the past 20 years, laser hair removal treatment has become popular because of its efficacy and speed. However, the big share of efficacy depends on the experience and skill of the laser operator and the availability of a range of laser technologies that will be used for the procedure. Touch-up treatments are often required, especially on large areas of the body such as the chest and shoulders, after the initial session of 3-8 treatments.

Don’t regulate laser hair removal treatment at home or without consultation. It is best to leave the laser hair removal to the experts.

Why is Laser Hair Removal Such an Effective Treatment?

Laser hair removal is one of the most preferred and the best options out there to slow the growth of hair over an extended timeline. For the treatment to be most effective, the hair that is to be removed needs to be caught in the stage when the hair is actively growing. This is why it is so vital to receive the procedure in series of duration such as every 4 to 6 weeks. The majority of clients report a significant reduction in hair growing back within the mentioned timeline. The hair that indeed does grow back is nothing less than sparse, and lighter in colour.

Will Hair Grow Back After Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair treatments permanently reduce the number of body hairs. Since genetic and other factors also play a role, in few cases they don’t result in permanent removal of all hair on the parts of the body treated. An occasional maintenance session might be needed where permanent hair removal is not seen. However, laser hair removal still is a very successful treatment. The hair growth in the majority of the cases reduced by up to 80%. Whatever hair grows back is thinner and less noticeable.

Will I Find Any Discomfort During The Treatment?

No. The Majority of patients find minimal discomfort.

When it comes to any treatment, the pain factor will vary from individual to individual since everyone’s pain tolerance is different. Laser hair removal though it sounds sinister from the outset is nothing less than feeling a gentle pinch or like a snap of a rubber band. The pain factor will also boil down to the part of the body under laser treatment. Some parts of the body are known to be more sensitive for clients than others. Whichever way you look, the more traditional methods such as waxing, tweezing, and shaving are more painful, can leave redness, and little scars here and there. Laser hair treatment outmanoeuvres them all.

What To Expect During Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

Just before the hair removal procedure, your hair will be trimmed to a few millimetres above the surface of the skin. A topical numbing medication is applied 20-30 odd minutes before the procedure to help minimise the effect of the sting of the laser pulses. The laser equipment is always adjusted to the thickness, location, and the colour of your hair being treated also taking skin colour into consideration.

Get the Best Laser Hair Removal Treatment In Ahmedabad

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