What is the Best Way to Lose Belly Fat?

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There are many contributing factors to obesity, which include the likes of diet, a sedentary lifestyle, genetic factors etc. The fact remains that, if you carry excess weight, it can end up increasing the risk of health problems for you. Losing weight as we all know is a frustrating procedure, especially since you might find it difficult to be able to lose weight – however, even if you manage to lose 5-10 per cent of your body weight, it can bring you significant health benefits – this is where the importance of fitness centre in Ahmedabad comes in. Let’s take the example of someone who weighs let’s say 115 kgs, this would be that he needs to lose around 6 – 12 kgs, which would actually make it a significant achievement and something that shouldn’t be trivialised.

Losing weight slowly and constantly with the help of a slimming centre in Ahmedabad is something that you must look into, if you suffer from obesity. For example, if you’ll lose let’s say about one to two kg in a week it is often much better than losing a lot of weight quickly, why don’t we see that? Because it is more likely that you will be able to keep off the weight once you reach your target weight when done slowly and steadily instead of rushing through it. Exercise and dietary changes are some of the best ways to lose weight having said that however, for some people it might not work out in the best way, and for them medicine and surgery might be an option. To discuss all your treatment options for obesity, you can visit our obesity clinic in Ahmedabad, for a consultation with our specialist, who will guide you in the best manner possible.

One of the primary reasons why excess weight and fat accumulates is that because a person is consuming way more calories than they can digest. All the time, this habit ends up leading to weight gain. There are some kinds of food that are more likely than others to contribute to obesity – for example, high processed Fords contain additives which can cause changes in the body that cause weight gain.

Our obesity clinic in Ahmedabad will tell you you that reducing the intake of processed, refined and ready-made forward that is actually high in sugar and fat content, and instead of increasing your consumption of whole grains and other fibres rich food such as fresh fruit and vegetables can help a lot losing weight. Also when you eat high fibre diet you will realise that the body feels full much quickly which helps you in eating and bingeing lesser. Apart from that fibre and whole grains can also help in reducing a lot of conditions that are related to metabolic syndromes such as diabetes high blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases.

Another great way to combat obesity is to join a fitness centre in Ahmedabad. Why should I do that you ask? Getting active means that your body will burn more calories – if you know that in order don’t burn at kg of fat, a person needs to burn at least 3500 cal. Off moderate intensity for most days of the week let us make it 3 to 5 days Will help you all in burning calories and start losing all that extra fact that you might have accumulated.

It is best to join an obesity clinic in Ahmedabad since, people who are not used to much physical activity should always begin doing so under proper guidance. By availing our services of a fitness centre in Ahmedabad, you you will have access to health professionals who will guide you regarding how to get started on your fitness journey. Also since, you are not in the habit of exercising that often, starting any strenuous activity without proper guidance could pose an actual health risk and is such a big no- no.

The Happy Living hence is your one stop shop for all your lifestyle and beauty needs, be it needing a beauty salon in Ahmedabad or an obesity clinic we have got you covered. So drop by and let us help you make a lifestyle change that will help you shed off those pounds in a jiffy!

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